Packer Update

Rodgers Should Be Happy

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t thrilled two years ago when tight ends coach Ben McAdoo was named the team’s new quarterbacks coach. “It’ll be interesting to see what direction (Mike McCarthy) wants to go in, if he wants to bring in a former quarterback with experience to kind of help me with my transition into the middle […]

Rodgers Cleared To Play

As Packer Update first reported Monday night (I like the sound of that), Aaron Rodgers has been cleared to play. Coach Mike McCarthy made the announcement at today’s post-practice press conference. The perennial Pro Bowl quarterback, who broke his left collarbone against the Bears at Lambeau Field in early November, will be under center when […]

A Holiday Miracle?

It’s been 49 days and 7 games since Aaron Rodgers last took the field for the Packers, so it’s not surprising that most fans just assume they won’t see the star quarterback again until the 2014 season. But that might not be the case. I was told a few hours ago to expect Rodgers to […]

Did The Right Thing

Some fans may not be thrilled with the decision to sit Aaron Rodgers for a sixth consecutive game, but even those people would have to grudgingly admire the men who made that difficult call. Plenty of teams talk about always putting a player’s health first, but how many truly live up to those words? Remember Redskins […]

Rodgers Felt Pain Last Week

On his weekly radio show, Aaron Rodgers admitted that he felt pain during last Wednesday’s practice. The star quarterback, who broke his left collarbone on Nov. 4, is expected to practice again tomorrow. He hopes his body responds better than it did a week ago. Unless Rodgers is purposely downplaying his chances of playing against […]

Lesson In Medicine 101

In a study conducted by the Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons of England, 84 percent of patients thought there was a difference between a fracture and a break, with 68 percent believing a break to be worse than a fracture. Based on what I’ve read and heard the past few weeks from Packers […]

12 Will Return When Healthy

Let’s be very clear about this – the Packers aren’t going to “shut down” Aaron Rodgers. If the star quarterback doesn’t play again this season, it won’t be because the team has fallen out of playoff contention. It’ll be because his left collarbone – fractured on a Monday night in early November – simply isn’t […]

Rodgers Could Be Shut Down

The assumption for weeks has been that Aaron Rodgers would return on Dec. 8 vs. Atlanta, but that might not be the case. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, who’s as plugged into the Packers as any writer in the country, reported this morning that the superstar quarterback “would be lucky” to be able to play next […]

Best Bargains In Green Bay

Green Bay enters the ’13 season with one of the highest payrolls in the NFL. That’s not a big surprise. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, tight end Jermichael Finley and outside linebacker Clay Matthews are the highest-paid players at their respective positions. In all, a dozen Packers have base salaries of at least $2 million. But there […]

When A Story Is Not A Story

Not that it was ever – I repeat ever – a possibility, but Mike Freeman of CBS Sports needed to inform us last week that Aaron Rodgers won’t hold out. Well, if Mike continues to feel the need to waste his time writing stories about complete non-stories, I have a few suggestions of my own. He […]

Reunited And It Feels So Awkward

Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre shared a stage at last night’s 2nd annual NFL Honors award show in New Orleans. To say the two men looked uncomfortable would be an understatement. In fact, Rodgers looked like he’d rather be having dinner with Skip Bayless, Tony Kornheiser and Greg Jennings’ sister. So why was Rodgers willing […]

Expert: Rodgers Not Playing Particularly Great

Well, not everybody is enamored with Aaron Rodgers. Here’s what Greg Cosell, a senior producer at NFL for over three decades, had to say about Green Bay’s Pro Bowl quarterback: “I’m not saying this to be bold or controversial, but I don’t think Aaron Rodgers is playing particularly great football,” stated Howard’s more soft-spoken but equally […]

Only Numbers That Matter Are 2 & 3

The Green Bay Packers have been doing a lot of talking this week – mostly making excuses for their lackluster play on offense through five games. Tight end Jermichael Finley blamed a lack of chemistry with quarterback Aaron Rodgers for his slow start. James Jones insisted that the underperforming wide receivers were getting plenty of […]

Is Aaron Getting Married?

October might be a very busy month for Aaron Rodgers. Not only will he be quarterbacking the Green Bay Packers, but if can be trusted, he’ll be getting married. I have no idea who Terez Owens is and I have no idea whether this site is even the slightest bit reputable, but here’s what […]

Brees Deal Sets Market For Rodgers

The New Orleans Saints signed Drew Brees to a five-year deal worth $100 million on Friday. The veteran quarterback will receive a guaranteed $60 million in the first three years of the contract. Why should fans of the Green Bay Packers care? Because talks on an extension with Aaron Rodgers are expected to heat up in […]

Very Few Opinions Matter About Favre

Bob Harlan is a hero to Green Bay Packer fans and I would normally want to hear everything he has to say about the most storied franchise in the National Football League. But when it comes to his opinion on the current situation surrounding Brett Favre, I couldn’t care less what the team’s former president and CEO […]

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