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Questions to ponder as camp opens

Jones will vie with Nelson for the No. 3 wide receiver job

The Packers report to training camp on Friday with 21 of the 22 players who started the playoff game at Arizona back for another run at the Lombardi Trophy. Because of this stability – not to mention the league’s No. 6 offense and No. 2 defense – Green Bay should be one of the elite teams. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some important questions that need to be answered. Here are the top 10 (in descending order):

Who’ll be the No. 3 wide receiver?

James Jones and Jordy Nelson pretty much split the job in 2009 and both enjoyed excellent offseasons. There’s a good chance the time-sharing will continue, but if we had to pick one or the other, we’d go with Nelson. He’s the more consistent of the two players and the organization has a bit more invested in him. Plus, he seems to have some real chemistry with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

What happens if Ryan Grant gets hurt?

Brandon Jackson is probably best-suited to the role he’s in now, but the offense could survive with him as the featured back. This is an offense that thrives when the running game is clicking, but it’s talented enough at quarterback, tight end and wide receiver to score 25 or 30 points with Eric Torkelson running the ball.

Will B.J. Raji play like a 9th overall pick?

Raji was just another guy as a rookie, but he was also playing out of position and on a bad ankle. If healthy, there’s little doubt that he’ll be very effective in 2010. You can count on one hand the number of nose tackles who possess his combination of size, strength and athleticism.

Will the special teams be better?

Is Shawn Slocum still the coordinator? Seriously, it’s hard to imagine this unit being worse than it was a year ago. Kicker Mason Crosby should be better, punter Jeremy Kapinos is gone and returner Will Blackmon should be back. Don’t expect greatness, but competency might be attainable.

Can Al Harris return and be effective?

Yes and maybe. Whether it’s in the middle of September or at the beginning of November, Harris will return to the field. That’s a given. Whether his 35-year-old body and surgically repaired knee will allow him to play at a high level remains to be seen. The guess here is that Harris will see most of his action this season in nickel and dime packages and not as a starter.

Is there a legitimate punter on the roster?

Hard to say. Neither Chris Bryan nor Tim Masthay looked overly impressive in the offseason, but both looked better than Kapinos. That’s damning them with faint praise, but it’s the best we can do right now.

Can Brandon Underwood and Pat Lee step up?

GM Ted Thompson is betting the house they can. Underwood had a very good offseason (dalliance with prostitutes excluded). And while Lee wasn’t as impressive, if healthy, it’s hard to imagine him not being an improvement over the likes of Jarrett Bush and Josh Bell. So can the young corners step up? Definitely. Will they? Still way too soon to tell.

Will the offensive line get off to a faster start?

It had better, or else beleaguered coach James Campen will have a lot of explaining to do. An injury to Chad Clifton and the ineptitude of Allen Barbre killed the line early last season, but with Clifton healthy, rookie Bryan Bulaga behind him and Barbre either on the bench or in the UFL, there’s no excuse for another slow start. This group should come out firing on all cylinders from the get-go.

Will the pash rush be good enough?

There’s a chance, but only if Clay Matthews stays healthy, Brad Jones improves upon his solid rookie season and Cullen Jenkins turns his potential contract year into a showcase. If all three of these things don’t happen, it’s hard to see a scenario where the Packers are able to get enough pressure on opposing quarterbacks to win more than a game or two in January.

Can the Packers win without Rodgers for an extended period?

Probably not, but let’s be honest, that would be the same answer for about 3/4 of the teams in the league. While we’ve never believed that Matt Flynn has what it takes to win consistently at this level, the front office and the coaching staff beg to differ. Hopefully, Packer fans won’t have to find out the answer to this question.

What’s Mike McCarthy hiding?

Sun or rain. Hot or cold. Indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t matter the weather or the place, Green Bay’s coach never exposes any part of his upper body. Whether he’s wearing a sweatshirt, a windbreaker  or a suit, you can be sure that no skin will be exposed until you get to the chins area. He’s like that virgin you dated in high school who always kept the top button of her blouse fastened tight. So what’s going on? Is it possible that Mike is hiding an “I Heart Brett” tattoo from 1999?


11 Comments to "Questions to ponder as camp opens"

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  3. Brian says:

    While #1 is not entirely true, I will say that it is quite difficult to find a short sleeve picture.

  4. Archie says:

    Before the end of the season, all three of GB’s top draft picks could be starting. Also, you failed to mention any uncertainty re: play at ILB. It is hard for me to believe the Packer defense can advance from its current positioning to a top rated defense w/o significantly better play at ILB in all three phases – tackling at or near the line of scrimmage as well as in the open field, pass coverage and pass rush. This is the soft spot that most fans tend to overlook. Most fans want to believe that Hawk is at least an average good player. He is not. Ditto Barnett. Barnett was the leader of this defense once upon a time but for whatever reason, he plays like a shell of his former self, or at least he has since late in 2007. His forte was speed and that seems to be gone.

    • stroh says:

      Most of us think the ILB are the least of our worries cuz they are playing well… Obviously you don’t but don’t act like you know something we don’t!!! Its just your OPINION!!! One we don’t happend to share!!!

  5. Grave Digger says:

    Is that a joke Archie? Once Barnett was 100% and comfortable last season, he was playing some of the best football of his career. He was very consistent and is thriving in this defense. Hawk is not a star, but he IS an average good player. I don’t think anyone will confuse the two with Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis, but they’re a pretty good tandem. They made mistakes last season yes, but they didn’t make many more mistakes than anyone else. And guess what, it was the 1st year of a brand new scheme and essentially a brand new position for Hawk and Barnett. You may think MLB in a 43 and ILB in a 34 are the same position, but you would be very wrong. They’re alignment may be similar but their responsibilities are very different. Throw in the fact that Hawk played WLB in the last scheme which is incredibly different from ILB in a 34 and I really wasn’t surprised they made some mistakes. They actually made fewer mistakes than I anticipated. We could do worse.

  6. Bruce says:

    Ted’s paying Barnett and Hawk about 70 million dollars so I guess it’s fair to criticize their play. You’d like to see more production for that kind of dough, especially from Hawk. But Grave Digger’s right, you could definitely do a lot worse. I can’t say the play of the ILBs is one of my big concerns for this season.

    • stroh says:

      Hawk won’t be aroung IMO, next year… He is due to make something like 11M in 2011. Packers will not keep him at that salary! This year his salary is palatable though. Of course I can’t say he’s lived up to the #5 pick in the draft or the signing bonus he got when he signed either.

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