Bostick Out ‘Couple Of Weeks’

banner.phpThe good news is Brandon Bostick’s leg injury won’t require surgery. The bad news is he’ll be out “a couple of weeks,” according to coach Mike McCarthy. Why’s that bad news? Anyone who’s followed the Packers during the McCarthy era knows the answer to that question. “A couple of weeks” is almost never a couple of weeks, so the odds of Bostick being available for the opener in 17 days probably aren’t very good. So when is the third-year tight end likely to return? I feel safe predicting sometime before Thanksgiving (that’s a joke, kinda).

Bostick was enjoying his finest training camp prior to getting injured during Saturday’s preseason game against the Rams. The former wide receiver from Newberry College was not only making more plays in the passing game than any other tight end, but according to my guys at camp, he was also doing a surprisingly effective job as a blocker. Whether Bostick was named the starter or not, there’s little doubt he was going to be a big part of the offensive game plan against the Seahawks. He may still be, but only if McCarthy’s “couple of weeks” proves to be accurate for one of the few times in the past nine years.

Richard Rodgers and Andrew Quarless, who’ve been battling with Bostick for the starting job, figure to see increased snaps while he’s out. So far this summer, the rookie has been the better blocker and the veteran has been the better receiver. The offense should function just fine with those two players seeing the bulk of the snaps at tight end, but there’s no question Bostick will be missed. The only question is for how long will he be missed?

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