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Elephant In The Stadium

Datone+Jones+Philadelphia+Eagles+v+Green+Bay+Nms5ho_0wHglAccording to coach Mike McCarthy, the Packers will be adding an elephant to the defense in 2014. Not the animal, the position first popularized by George Seifert in San Francisco in the 1980s. Looking to create mismatches, Seifert allowed his weakside end to move around the formation to rush from either side of the line from a two-point stance. Charles Haley and Tim Harris are among the players who played this position with great success. Nick Perry and Mike Neal figure to get first crack at the job, but there’s another player who I think might be an even better choice.

It probably won’t happen, but the more I watch Datone Jones, the more I think he could be the perfect elephant. Instead of forcing the natural 275-pounder to bulk up and battle massive tackles at end, why not let him play at his natural weight and take full advantage of his athletic ability? While Perry is faster and Neal is stronger, neither is as fluid changing direction or as explosive as Jones – two traits that are very important for an elephant. I understand that the coaches would like for Jones and Perry (or Neal) to be on the field together, and hopefully that will happen. But if Jones simply isn’t cut out for end, at least there’s now a fallback option – a potentially very good fallback option.

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4 Comments to "Elephant In The Stadium"

  1. Satori says:

    Being multiple with D.Jones and Neal makes a lot of sense…Capers talked about one of his preferred pass rush alignments yesterday in an article with Wilde@espn
    Neal, D.Jones and Daniels on the DL with Perry and Matthews at OLB. They didn’t get to it last season due to injuries, but they were looking to try a 3-3-5 nickle in addition to the 2-4-5 they frequently used. Makes sense too as it takes both Brad Jones and AJ off the field in nickle
    Capers previously talked about the “dollar” alignment where the lone ILB is actually a Safety- type player – they employed that one against the Saints(using McMillian), partly to stop them from targeting Hawk in the passing game
    I think these changes lend credence to MMs comments about emptying the gun and being more multiple on defense. Injuries have held them back, but they want to practice more looks in Spring so when the injury bug hits, they aren’t handcuffed again. They’ll find ways to get Datone on the field, and maybe having Jones, Perry and Neal as potential Elephants is one more wrinkle for the 2014 defense.

  2. Archie says:

    3 Elephants sounds a lot better than 3 hippos.

    Yes, the days of Tim Harris – he was amazing as an Elephant and it was not because of his size. He was QUICK & ELUSIVE. Many times OL would just whiff on him or be so off balance he got through them easily. And I agree, of our three current candidates, Datone Jones would seem most Harris/Haley like.

    Will Worthy have a role on this team in 2014?

    If we go DL in the draft who will it be? I’ve been thinking Hageman or Truitt.

    Until we get Hawk & Jones off the field, this defense will be soft.

    If either top S is on the board at 21 I think TT is forced to take him.

  3. Tangysizzl says:

    Hopefully it goes deeper than just creating the Elephant end position. I want to see a full on attack from the DL, whether its 1 DL or 4 I want to see these guys get after people and stop the hand holding at the LOS.

    If the Packers go D line in the first round of the draft Im still thinking they should draft Aaron Donald if hes available. At 21 he would be my BPA and I just want good football players no matter what position they play.

    • TerdellMiddleton says:

      I’ve been watching some tape of Aaron Donald lately. I don’t see how that guy isn’t rated top 10 or even top 5. The guy is amazing. Lives in the backfield.

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