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Jones Not Expected Back

Bob McGinn reported in Sunday’s Journal Sentinel that the Packers have decided to let James Jones leave as a free agent. I’m not surprised. In fact, here’s what I tweeted less than 24 hours earlier:

I entered the 2013 season fully expecting the former San Jose State star to re-sign with the Packers, but that was before Jarrett Boykin went from a complete unknown to a viable No. 3 receiver. That, along with having to extend both Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb in the next 12 months, made the idea of committing multiple years and millions of dollars to Jones seem very unlikely. And while it makes sense to move on, there’s no question he’ll be missed. Not only was the 30-year-old a productive receiver, but he had grown into a real leader in recent years. But the Packers will be just fine. Besides Nelson, Cobb and Boykin, the organization seems to really like unproven youngsters Kevin Dorsey, Myles White and Chris Harper. Plus, GM Ted Thompson has proven quite adept at finding quality receivers in the draft. If Jones’ career in Green Bay is indeed over, he’ll leave with 310 catches, 4,305 yards, 37 touchdowns and one Super Bowl ring in seven seasons.

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5 Comments to "Jones Not Expected Back"

  1. J says:

    I’ve always liked JJ, but it seems unwise to commit money to a 30-yr old wide receiver, especially in light of Cobb’s & Nelson’s upcoming extensions. I really liked what I saw of Boykin last year, and I think he’ll do a respectable job of taking Jones’ role as the #3 WR.

  2. TerdellMiddleton says:

    I’ll always remember JJ’s preseason game, where his helmet popped off and he still spun around and ran the ball in for a TD. Really good Packer. If we get him back at our price, great. If not, I feel good that we’ll still be able to score on offense without him, and the money can be better spent elsewhere.

  3. BubbaOne says:

    AR spreads the ball and has had a glut of excellent receivers for most of JJ’s career so his avg per season (44, 615, 5 1/2) reflects just how productive he’s been. How many Packer WR’s led the league in TD catches?
    That said, I agree w/ everything you wrote. I know some fans feel we can’t lose him but they forget we’ve had an excess of riches at the position.
    Mike, if JJ and Finley are gone what is a better weapon in this offense for TT to bring in; a big physical WR or a speed burner?

  4. Michael Rodney says:

    If Jones and Finley both walk, the biggest need would obviously be a TE. As for the No. 4 WR, I’d like to see Ted find a player with deep speed who can also return.

    • TerdellMiddleton says:

      Michael – that would be ideal. Or I’d take ANY kind of WR who can also return and get Cobb off KR. I know the best KR’s usually have great speed, but I’ll take an average returner, as long as he can hang onto the ball.

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