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Ted’s Worst Moves Of ’13

General managers in the National Football League have to make hundreds of difficult decisions every year. Some work out and some don’t. Here are Ted Thompson’s five worst moves of 2013:

1) Signing Vince Young - Thompson blew it with Graham Harrell and then made things worse by signing a player who wasted a roster spot for 25 days. Young was slow to pick up the offense and he threw one duck after another. Green Bay should’ve brought in Seneca Wallace earlier, and with the extra weeks of practice, perhaps he would’ve been better prepared for his week 8 appearance against Chicago.

2) Not signing a safety - Going into training camp with Jerron McMillian and M.D. Jennings fighting for a starting job was very risky. Leaving training camp without adding a veteran safety was very foolish. Neither youngster looked good in August, and yet Thompson did absolutely nothing. Not surprisingly, that’s exactly what the defense got from this position in 2013.

3) Giving Brad Jones $12M - I had no problem re-signing the veteran inside linebacker – until I found out the terms of the contract. Paying a pedestrian player almost $4 million per year made no sense, especially when you consider how little interest there was in Jones’ services. Much like he did with A.J. Hawk and Brandon Chillar, Thompson seemingly bid against himself. And once again, he lost.

4) Cutting Jeremy Ross - I know the young receiver/returner struggled early in the season, but he’s simply too talented to give up on after only 3 games. The former Cal star wound up finding success with Detroit. Meanwhile, his replacement on the 53-man roster, Chris Harper, played 2 snaps from scrimmage.

5) Extending Morgan Burnett - I can’t kill this move since I was OK with it at the time, but it certainly didn’t work out – at least not yet. The former Georgia Tech star didn’t deserve a $25 million contract based on the first three years of his career, but Thompson was projecting ahead. I’m pretty sure that projection didn’t include Burnett going the entire season without a single interception.

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9 Comments to "Ted’s Worst Moves Of ’13"

  1. Stevarino says:

    Cutting Ross looks bad in hindsight, but at the time I don’t remember one Packer fan who thought it was a bad move. He was killing them – he was literally costing them games. I agree with all the other mentions here, though, and not finding a replacement PR/KR hurt them as well.

  2. Michael Rodney says:

    I know one fan who thought it was a bad move at the time. Me. I thought Ross was too talented to give up on so quickly. The Packers could’ve removed him from returns for a while and then given him another chance later on. It’s not as if they used that roster spot to improve the team.

    • Nerd says:

      If Detroit would have made the playoffs, (snicker) they would have seen what they truly have in Ross. Dude will choke under pressure.

  3. JJ says:

    I don’t know where these fits, but here are a few more bad moves to consider:

    1) Having zero depth on the interior of the offensive line. Seems like this is an annual approach by TT. Their line was relatively healthy, but they still had that stretch where Barclay and EDS were banged up and they had zero depth to help them.

    2) Having minimal depth at OLB. Perry and Neal have a bad track record with injury, so when Matthews goes down, now you are razor thin at that position and playing undrafted rookies in the playoffs.

    3) If true, that $8 million a year offer to Raji is brutal.

  4. TravisJervey says:

    The QB situation was obviously bungled, but Wallace was with San Fran through the pre-season.

    • Michael Rodney says:

      Actually, Wallace was released by New Orleans in the middle of August. He signed with the 49ers a short time later.

  5. Aaron says:

    Usually the pack make a mistake and quickly redeem the following year. Such as small lineman, ZBS, nonstop play action bombs. This year with a few adjustments can be special

  6. Archie says:

    Enough bad moves listed on this page to make TT = 7 ass clowns in one. And nobody even mentioned that he has Raji and Hawk and Jennings spear heading the middle of his defense. I pity Dom Capers having to field this defense week in and week out. How can anybody claim the man is a good GM? The 2010 SB was a fluke, more despite TT than anything else. GBP will never get back to SB with TT as head ass clown.

    • Stevarino says:

      It’s the absence (or what I thought was the absence) of this type of stupidity that I thought set this site apart from all the other troll dens. I guess I was wrong.

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