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Where Does Bulaga Belong?

If healthy, Bryan Bulaga will start in 2014. That’s a given. What isn’t so certain is where he’ll play. After three good to very good seasons at right tackle, the former Iowa star moved to left tackle in the spring. But a lot has changed in the ensuing six months. First, Bulaga suffered a torn ACL early in training camp. Then, rookie David Bakhtiari, in what figured to be a redshirt season, more than held his own as a 17-game starter at the second-most important position on offense. So who’ll sit atop the depth chart at left tackle when offseason workouts begin in May? I’m not sure what the Packers have in mind, but I’d keep Bakhtiari right where he is and move Bulaga back to his original position. To me, Bakhtairi is simply a more natural left tackle. Blessed with long arms, quick feet and the ability to recover, the only thing missing is the strength to anchor against bull rushes. And that should come after a full offseason in the weight room. As for Bulaga, he’s already proven himself at right tackle. Why move him if it’s not totally necessary? Besides, if Bakhtiari doesn’t make the expected jump from year 1 to year 2, there’s always Derek Sherrod, who was drafted in the first round in 2011 to be the protector of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ blind side for a decade.

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7 Comments to "Where Does Bulaga Belong?"

  1. J says:

    I’m really hoping Sherrod can come back and be a contributor. If not as a starter, then at least a reliable swing tackle off the bench. I agree with you that it seems best to leave Bak where he’s been and put Bulaga back on the right. What would you think about this for a starting line-up next year from left to right: Bak – Sitton – Lang – Barclay – Bulaga? Sherrod and Tretter would be our top back-ups at T and G/C respectively.

  2. Nerd says:

    If we can get (and keep?) guys healthy, we’d have unreal depth.

  3. Hands says:

    I’m no expert, but my thought are this….Bulaga is the best athletic lineman on the Packers. Because he’s been good at RT doesn’t mean he needs to stay there. If Bakhtiari gets stronger, which he will w/ any kind of modest off-season workouts, he would be ready for the right side and Bulaga would take over the left. Sherrod could change either of those positions IF he comes back close to 100% AND has a great off-season.

    Either way, if Bulaga and Bak stay healthy then the only Oline position in need of improvement is center. The current roster seems to have the answers for most of the offense’s problem except for TE.

  4. Bart says:

    I’m not that optimistic about Bulaga’s long term contribution due to his injury status. He missed the last 7 weeks of 2012 with the hip and then all of 2013 with the knee. Given the importance of protecting Rodgers ( we stink without him) I think using a high draft pick on an OT or maybe a FA for insurance would be highly recommended. Sherrod is a huge question mark based on the injury and the fact that he hasn’t really played even when healthy. We just cannot go into 2014 with “hopes” and “ifs” at the OT position. Protecting Rodgers is Priority #1 for this team. We know what happens when he goes down and it isn’t pretty.

  5. Saguaro says:

    If Bulaga goes back to RT does Sitton go back to the right side with him? I agree that an off-season in the weight room will make Bakhtiari even better

  6. In other news: water is wet. Of course Bulaga stays at RT.

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