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Cobb Could Be Back’s Ian Rapoport, who’s as plugged into the Packers as any writer in the country, reports that Randall Cobb was close to returning last week and that there’s a “real chance”¬†of him playing on Sunday against the Bears. That’s huge, especially if Aaron Rodgers is forced to miss his eighth consecutive game. Not only would Cobb give backup quarterback Matt Flynn another option in the passing game, but more importantly, he’d give the offense the big-play threat its been missing for weeks. Flynn lacks the arm strength to get the ball down the field on a consistent basis, so he has to rely on dinking and dunking. That’s why Jordy Nelson’s average per catch is only 13.5 with Flynn as compared to 16.0 with the stronger-armed Rodgers and Scott Tolzien. James Jones is down to 11.9 from 17.2 and Jarrett Boykin is down to 12.2 from 15.6. But unlike Nelson, Jones and Boykin, Cobb has the quickness to create separation within 7 yards of the line of scrimmage and the speed to turn very short passes into very long gains. The return of the former Kentucky star would make Flynn a better quarterback, and Green Bay will need a better quarterback against the Bears than the one they had last Sunday against Pittsburgh.

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One Comment to "Cobb Could Be Back"

  1. Nate says:

    Can’t argue the statistics. Your post makes a lot of sense.

    It’ll be interesting to see how he looks if he plays. Can’t imagine he will look normal after not playing for 10 weeks.

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