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Jenkins Worth A Second Look

Cullen Jenkins' last game with the Packers was Super Bowl XLV

Defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins’ last game with the Packers was Super Bowl XLV

The Packers haven’t been able to replace Cullen Jenkins since he left 18 months ago. The Eagles cut the veteran defensive end on Monday. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots. And while I’m normally not a big fan of second acts in pro sports, this is one of the few that might be worth seeing.

Jenkins isn’t the player he was when he left Green Bay in the summer of 2011, but he’s still pretty good. I watched almost every snap he took for Philly this past season, and I never once thought he looked over the hill. He isn’t as explosive as he used to be and he tends to tire after about 30 snaps, but his effort is still impressive and he can still generate pressure up the middle. Even at age 31, the former Central Michigan standout got after the quarterback better than any d-lineman on the Packers roster.

Tom Silverstein seems to believe that Chris Canty is the preferred choice of general manager Ted Thompson, and he may be right. But I’d take Jenkins in a heartbeat. Not only will he come cheaper, but he’d bring much-needed energy to the field and leadership to a locker room that will be without Charles Woodson, Donald Driver and Jeff Saturday. And most importantly, I think Jenkins is a better football player. He puts forth more effort on a consistent basis and he’s a more dangerous inside pass rusher.

How much will it cost to ink Jenkins? That’s hard to say, but it won’t be expensive. He didn’t generate a ton of interest last time and had to settle for a fairly modest deal. Interest won’t be higher now, so it’s hard to imagine any contract being for more than a year or two and costing more than $2 or $3 million per.

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6 Comments to "Jenkins Worth A Second Look"

  1. Saguaro says:

    Maybe a one or two year contract with little or no signing bonus. But TT wants upside and I agree. Jenkins will take up a spot and that is a spot that could be gambled on a future starter rather than a spot player now. At this point I have to think that Jenkins is a stopgap signing.

    Btw, Jenkins seemed seriously miffed leaving GB. I have to think that pride would keep him from coming back unless the floor falls out of the market for him.

  2. BubbaOne says:

    In 2011 Jenkins had 5 sacks in the first 5 games and then had 1/2 sack the remaining 11 games. In 2012 he had 4 sacks in 16 games. That would make it 4 1/2 sacks over the last 27 games. Mike Neal had 3 1/2 sacks in limited action in 2012. So I’m skeptical Jenkins would provide that much help. I don’t know how the Eagles used Jenkins or how many snaps he had a game but looking at the numbers it looks like TT made the right move on an aging vet. Can you give me more info that would ease my concern?

    • Michael Rodney says:

      Jenkins isn’t the player he was in 2010, but he can still be a fairly effective pass rusher in a more limited role. Ted made the right move 2 years ago, but that was then and this is now. Jenkins won’t cost much and I’d rather have him next season that someone like Ricky Jean Francois.

      • Nick Perry says:

        Why not both Michael? The Packers need a lot of help. I also want to point out something no one ever brings up. Go look at Raji’s sack numbers while playing next to Jenkins and since he left. Raji had 6.5 sacks while playing next to Jenkins in 2010 alone. Since then, 3 in 2011 and ZERO in 2012. If not Jenkins then someone because he definitely is better with a decent player next to him.

  3. Archie says:

    TT did not make the right move two years ago. You need only to look at the Pack’s defense since losing CJ. It is a no-brainer to bring him back but TT won’t do that because he froze CJ out of GB and refused to talk contract with him. CJ was so mad that when he got the so-so offer from Philly he did not give GB a chance to beat it. CJ will not be a Packer again but he should be. As you pointed out Canty got old quickly and that is why the NYG cut him loose. TT prefers Canty to CJ. Oh boy!

    Here’s a possibility for pick26 – Margus Hunt. Tall, long=armed DE that coul drobably play 5 technique in 3-4.

    Watching the Combine last night, I was underwhelmed by the DE/LB at the top of this draft. I’m now thinking Fisher-Floyd go 1-2.

    IF TT signs GJ and lets Finley go, as it now seems a real possibility, he probably targets one of the top three TEs in this draft, none of which will last to to pick58. Will he take the pick of the litter at 26 or will he take a small trade down because he is equally content with any of the three?

    I’m surprised to see the C from WI ranked near the end of R3 in many mocks. I think he’s a late R1 possibility. Possibly GB.

    DL possibilities for the Pack @26 = M Hunt, D Jones or K Short. There are more first round busts at DL than any other position.

    Which brings me to the most likely GB pick @26 = TE (if Finley is gone), WR (if GJ is gone) or RB. And, if RB or TE, TT could trade down before picking.

    Obviously if Vaccaro slips to us we take him but I don’t see that happening.

    The one player I pray to God TT doesn’t pick before R3 = Manti T’eo. Much rather have Riddick or Brown at 58.

  4. Michael Rodney says:

    Jenkins signed a 3-year, $8 million deal with Giants. He’ll help an already strong defensive line.

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