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Ranking The Rookies: Terrell Manning

A summer illness kept Green Bay's fifth-round pick from contributing on defense

A summer illness kept Green Bay’s fifth-round pick from contributing on defense

The Green Bay Packers began the season with 10 rookies on the 53-man roster. That’s a pretty high number – especially for a team than won 15 games the previous year. But GM Ted Thompson didn’t hang on to all those rookies to save money or to make himself look good. He kept them because they could play. In fact, seven have played significant roles in the team’s march to its second straight NFC North title.

I’ll be ranking the rookies – from least productive to most productive – over the next couple of weeks. Here’s #10:

Story of 2012 – Had it not been for a summer illness that dropped his weight to under 220 pounds, there’s a chance Terrell Manning could’ve been one of the most productive rookies on this year’s team. That’s because the defensive coaches were desperate at inside linebacker after Desmond Bishop and D.J. Smith went down with season-ending injuries, and it’s safe to assume Manning would’ve gotten the call ahead of Brad Jones had he been healthy in camp. Instead, the former NC State standout was relegated to special teams, where he began to make a major impact down the stretch.

What to expect in 2013 – If A.J. Hawk and his bloated salary is finally released, there figures to be an open competition to fill his spot. Manning, Smith (if healthy), Jones (if re-signed) and perhaps a rookie will likely battle it out in camp for the chance to start next to Bishop. Of the three returnees, Manning has the least experience but the most talent. He runs fairly well (4.62) and shows pop on contact. He’s a little stiff in coverage, but he moves better in space than either Hawk or Smith. He also showed the ability to blitz in college – something the Packers value but haven’t really had at the “buck” linebacker spot in years.

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5 Comments to "Ranking The Rookies: Terrell Manning"

  1. Stroh says:

    Don’t know where you got the 4.62 40 for Manning. His combine page on NFL says 4.79 and his CBSdraftscount page says his Pro Day was 4.71. For comparison’s sake Daryl Washington is considered very fast and ran a 4.58 or better. Manning is similar in stature, style of play and just a bit less athleticsim as Navarro Bowman for SF who ran 4.62 Pro day and 4.7 combine. Manning has the same kinda physicality as Bowman, so he has a pretty high ceiling. He’s got a chance to be pretty damn good.

    • Michael Rodney says:

      I think you’re overrating Manning a bit. Bowman was a better college player and I think he’ll be a much better pro player. I think Manning has some intriguing skills, but I don’t see his ceiling being all that high.

      • Stroh says:

        Your opinion… He had a 3rd round grade if not for some injury concerns. I’m not saying he’s better than Bowman but he’s got alot of upside. He’s a faster more athletic, slightly less physical version of Bishop. Will he be as good? Don’t know but thats his ability. We both know it takes more than just athletic ability to excel in the NFL tho. Kinda hard not too like the way that sounds tho.

  2. Archie says:

    Anybody but Hawk, puhlezze! I thought Manning was regarded as a good pass defense guy when drafted.

    Getting Hawk off the field and making Tramon a dime back would do wonders for our run defense. Sure hope House is good to go following shoulder surgery. Arthur Brown could be the ILB we need – a mini-Ray Lewis.

    • Stroh says:

      Brown isn’t a mini Ray. But he is mini… From what I could find on him he’s a big as he can get and at less then 230 he won’t be playing ILB in a 34. Sounds like strictly a 43 Will LB. Just cuz he went to The U doesn’t make him a mini Ray Lewis. Curious he wasn’t able to get on the field at Miami. Sounds like a good little LB but just not a good fit for a 34 D.

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