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Size Could Be Borel’s Biggest Problem

I jumped on the Diondre Borel bandwagon the very first week of training camp last summer and I’m still on it today. The former college quarterback has what it takes to play receiver in the NFL. Unfortunately, he might not get that chance in Green Bay.

The Packers have five veteran receivers pretty much locked into roster spots, and even if GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy decide to keep a sixth player at the position for the first time in years, Borel still faces an uphill battle. That’s because he doesn’t add anything unique to the mix.

Borel is smallish, but very athletic. He can burst in and out of cuts to get separation and he usually makes the first tackler miss. He also returns kicks. If that sounds familiar, it should. Randall Cobb is the same kind of receiver – only more experienced and more explosive. And I’m not sure the Packers need another Cobb.

That’s why Tori Gurley probably has a better chance to make the final 53. I don’t think he has the long-term potential of Borel, but he has rare size for the position. That makes him a potential weapon in the red zone. It also makes him the slight favorite to be the No. 6 receiver, if of course, there is a No. 6 receiver.

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7 Comments to "Size Could Be Borel’s Biggest Problem"

  1. Tangysizzl says:

    I agree with your comparison to Cobb but I don’t agree that it hurst his chances of making the team. Look if they are gonna spend time drawing up plays for Cobb to utilize his diverse skill set then wouldn’t it make sense to keep a guy that could run those same plays if Cobb ever misses time with injuries.

    Afterall, we don’t need to play Tramon Williams or Jordy Nelson at PR or KR do we. This is why I continue to talk about trading James Jones. Both Gurley and Borell can replace him, he is not special, sure hes strong and seems to catch a lot of TDs but I think Gurley or Borel could step in his spot and the offense wouldn’t miss a beat.

    If the plan is the let Jenning walk after this year, either in FA or a tag and trade then keeping Jones would be the best move but if they plan on keeping Jennings on a mult year contract or with the franchise tag then Jones should not make our final 53 this year.

    • Michael Rodney says:

      You’re really selling James Jones short. I don’t think either Borel or Gurley will come close to being as good a wide receiver.

      • Tangysizzl says:

        Im not selling James Jones short im selling Borel and Gurley tall (no pun intended). Jones does not play STs, and hes gonna be the 4th option at WR at best. I do think Jones is a good player, thats why I say trade and not release.

        Now that the TE group is flashing ability and Cobb is in for a larger role on offense, do you think James Jones is gonna be happy with even less opportunities than he had last year? I say get what you can out of the talented man who is 29 and move on with the youngsters who will provide more bang for the buck wherever they are needed.

    • Nerd's Laptop says:

      Cobb is a good “slash” player. He could run the wildcat, or throw the ball on a HB option play, something like that. Borel could be another guy like that, kind of nifty to have around.

      Ted will keep the best 53, even if it means loading up at a certain position.

      Anyway, this is the good type of problem to have. Too many good players.

  2. Hands says:

    Borel isn’t a special player pure and simple. Gurley with his leaping ability and ST capabilities is a little more special. If you have to pick one……Gurley is the guy.

  3. Saguaro says:

    Too bad Borel doesn’t field punts. That would make him a useful insurance policy should Cobb get hurt. Can he play special teams?

  4. wery121 says:

    I don’t think the ascension of Cobb will reduce JJ’s snaps all that much (I think he’ll reduce DD’s far more). Cobb and JJ are very different players. Cobb is going to be an inside the numbers, slot receiver who’ll get open with quickness. JJ is an outside the numbers receiver who uses positioning, size and strength. So Cobb/Jennings will work the slot and Nelson/JJ will work outside.

    The Packers tried to trade Jones during the draft. There weren’t any serious takers. I’m not willing to get virtually nothing for a superior player to save a couple of bucks. We’re title contenders. Keep the best players. And I don’t believe the undrafted free agents with limited experience Gurley or Borel are better right now.

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