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Packers Say Goodbye To Peprah

The Green Bay Packers have released veteran safety Charlie Peprah one day before the first practice of training camp. The former Alabama star underwent arthroscopic knee surgery in the offseason, but this decision is more about performance than health. Peprah’s knee will get better; his play will not. Loyal readers of this blog should not be surprised by today’s announcement. Here’s what I wrote¬†in April.

The release of Peprah leaves Morgan Burnett as the only player on the roster who has started a game at safety in the National Football League. Pro Bowl cornerback Charles Woodson is expected to move to safety in the base defense. Young veterans M.D. Jennings and Anthony Levine and fourth-round draft pick Jerron McMillian will compete in camp for the opportunity to get on the field in specialty packages.

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6 Comments to "Packers Say Goodbye To Peprah"

  1. DHoward says:

    Michael – why not wait longer? Are they afraid that if he gets hurt in camp his salary is then guaranteed?

    • Michael Rodney says:

      That might be a part of the thinking, but it’s probably more about giving the young players a chance to develop. Peprah’s a great guy, but as I’ve been saying for years, he’s a huge liability in the passing game. The defense isn’t going to get better by hanging onto a marginal veteran like Peprah.

  2. Tangysizzl says:

    I like Sean Richardson’s chances of making the team now over a guy like Levine who hasn’t been able to stay healthy in his 2 previous training camps.

    • BubbaOne says:

      I can’t fault Levine for the concussion he had last camp. He was playing well til it sidetracked him. All the focus for the S spot opposite Burnett has been on Jennings and McMillian. I’m w/ you on Richardson and also let’s see what Micah Pellerin does.

  3. CJS says:

    Peprah was a class act, but in the end just too slow to play safety when your MLB’s are named Hawk and Bishop.

    • Archie says:

      Especially w/o Nick Collins on the field. Two years ago he greatly exceeded my expectations filling in for Burnett and helping the team get to and win the Super Bowl but last year was a disaster. I applaud this early move.

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