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Cardinals defensive tackle talks better than he plays

The latest person to have a major problem with the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2011 is Darnell Dockett. The veteran defensive tackle from the Cardinals didn’t make the list, and he isn’t happy. He made that perfectly clear through one of his tweets on Wednesday. Here’s what he wrote: “I’m looking at this top 100 who picked this! RAY CHARLES! did they put Raji from GB in there and not DOCKETT! Smfh.”

Three things struck me about this tweet. First, I have to agree with the reference to Ray Charles. It’s difficult to believe that any player blessed with the gift of sight actually voted in this charade. From Donovan McNabb at 100 to Joe Thomas at 43, it’s been one head-scratching moment after another for the past six weeks. Second, Dockett might be the new E.E. Cummings. Just look at the typography in that tweet. Like the famous 20th century poet, Dockett shows no regard for the accepted rules of grammar. And finally, his complaint about B.J. Raji being on the list proves just how clueless most athletes are when it comes to fellow players.

How anybody could complain about Raji being on the list is beyond me. In fact, the only complaint should be that the former Boston College star isn’t ranked high enough. Based on how he finished last season, it’s difficult to believe there are 80 better players in the NFL. The 340-pounder became a difference maker for the Packers – two words seldom associated with a nose tackle. Raji had 4 sacks in the last five regular season games, and then for good measure, added another sack and returned an interception for a TD in the playoffs. Just as importantly, the 24-year-old became much more consistent against the run.

I’m no expert, but I feel safe to opine that general manager Ted Thompson wouldn’t trade his mountainous man in the middle for any other nose tackle in the league. Guys like Casey Hampton (Steelers), Vince Wilfork (Patriots), Paul Solial (Dolphins), Aubrayo Franklin (49ers) and Jay Ratliff (Cowboys) are very good, but none of them possess the Freezer’s unique combo of size, strength and athletic ability. I feel even safer to opine that Thompson wouldn’t trade Raji for Dockett, an overpaid 30-year-old coming off an ordinary season. So let me speak for Packer fans everywhere when I say, “THe helL WITH u DArnEll DoCKetT.”


  1. Kevin says:

    Michael, some were posting full articles (with a link back) on and one mentioned your desire to not have that done anymore.
    I’ve instructed everyone to not post your articles or links at all on the any further.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this has created for you.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    - Kevin

  2. Michael Rodney says:

    Much appreciated, Kevin. This site won’t survive without a significant increase in traffic, so I’m doing all I can to get more people to visit here on a daily basis.

  3. stephen says:

    Kind of funny that Dockett would single out Raji. The list is filled with undeserving big name veterans and he goes after one of the best young players in the game? I think it’s safe to assume Dockett doesn’t have a future as a player personnel director.

  4. Kevin says:

    Michael, I fully respect and understand your position, however, if the unfortunate were to happen, PH would gladly offer you a platform to continue voicing your great material at no charge to everyone on the interwebz.

    I apologize for cluttering up this comment section, as I failed in locating your email. If expanding your material to another site, such as PH is of interest, please shoot me an email and we’ll discuss your requirements.

    As for this topic, whenever I read that the Packers or a player on the Packers is lacking respect, I get a little ticked at first, then finally think, wait a tick, Packers won the Super Bowl last year and then realize I don’t give a rats ass. :) I still would like to see the team get more respect though.

    - Kevin

  5. newcomer says:

    i visit this site regularly and think it contains among the most interesting and incisive Packer analysis. see please keep posting.

  6. Archie says:

    BJ definitely made big strides in year 2 but is he worth the #9 overall pick in any draft? Not yet in my opinion. You provide great Packer analysis but I’ve studied Vince Wilfork’s play the last several years and BJ Raji is no Vince Wilfork. The latter is an animal.

  7. Michael says:

    I don’t know Archie, I’d have to respectfully disagree. I agree Vince Wilfork is an animal in pads and a great player. But watching Raji, I’m realizing why we had such great pressure this year. Raji is one of those players who makes everyone else look good around him and Still manages to get in hits of his own. I mean, I can’t remember alot of times he wasn’t double teamed, and there where many times he would blow thru the double team anyway. Don’t get me wrong, he was on a line of 5 people that had only two positions that wheren’t probowl level players. Playing next to CM3 and Cullen Jenkins does not hurt one’s production, but it’s not like everyone on the line is a huge stud. I think Raji in the middle collapsed the pocket more times than any packer in recent memory, and more importantly did it constantly. Jenkins was out a while this past year, and even CM3 was limited w/injury in the latter part of the season. The Freezer just played and played and then played some more. I think he had one of the highest snap counts on the team. To me, that screams difference maker.

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